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General Recommendations and Hints on using and wearing corsets

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them to us, we will try our best to help you.



Almost all corsets sold by us have been manufactured in small batches, from 1-10 to, sometimes, 30-35. The reason for this is we never stock fabrics from our suppliers in large quantities and the suppliers keep changing their materials. Therefore, mass production is not our approach, so there is no need to worry that tomorrow all your friends will wear the same model as you.

Our corsets are the most professionally designed garments using rigid construction of 28 to 34 support bones ( ribbing). Construction and technology of our corsets allow to model your body curves in a desired way accentuate waistline, fill up the bust, reduce belly shape etc. Moreover, providing extra support to the back, a corset greatly improves posture and overall look. Many people like the sensation of being gently embraced and held straight by a corset, some even find it relaxing. Our corsets are very strong and can carry significant loads which gives one more room for extra tight adjustments, when required.

More details and facts about corsets can be found here


Corset vs Evening dress: what are the advantages?

An Evening dress is an evening dress. It can be beautiful, but it will not change into anything new and different. Corsets have one remarkable advantage: they can be combined with various things skirts, trousers, jeans etc.  A corset may transform those things into a glamorous outfit, each different combination creating a stylish new look, whereas just a dress remains the same dress, to change it there is only one option:  go out and buy a new one.

Size Selection Guidelines




You have decided to buy a corset. How to select the right size?

General approach to size selection: your right size should leave you some room ( 5-10cm) for further lacing, in case, for example, you loose some weight, or you want to lace tighter. If your corset does not allow for extra tightening, it fails delivering its main function to correct and shape your figure.

In any case, we recommend that you contact us before you place your order, and we will be happy to help you to choose the size and model that is just right for you. Consultation with our staff is especially important if your body is not quite standard ( large or small breasts or hips, extra small or extra large size of your regular clothes etc).

In order for us to help you in the best way, it is important to make required measurements as accurate as possible and send them to us.

What do I do with my new corset?









Here are some useful recommendations:

Consider your new corset as you would consider a new pair of shoes. Similar to shoes, a new corset has to be broken in before it settles on you properly. Do not expect your new corset to feel comfortable straight away. New boned corset initially feels quite stiff and you will have to tame it to your body. To do so, you will have to:

-  Wear it 15-30 minutes once or twice a day for about 3-5 days after the purchase. This will train your body to get used to the corset and will allow the corset to shape onto you accordingly. Lace the corset a little bit tighter than you would usually do and try to move around in it. We suggest you sway and rock your body slightly sideways and forward-backwards. But avoid any fast, jerky and awkward movements. Like with new shoes, awkward movements can bring unpleasant surprises: pain and disappointment.

- Never wear a brand new corset, which has not been broken in, to any events that may require you to stay in the corset for a long time, move a lot, or dance. Without proper training of wearing a corset, one may suddenly feel  sick. This is because breathing in a corset differs from normal breathing, especially, if the corset is new. Normal breathing happens in the abdominal area, but with a corset on, breathing moves up and happens mostly in the chest area (if you noticed, anxious ladies in old romantic movies look so sexy with their chest going up and down...)

-  In the beginning, do not try to lace yourself up to total strangulation. Pull gradually. Let your corset settle on you within several days, and only then start to tighten it to your liking. You should feel comfortable. Combination of comfortable feeling and gorgeous look is your target, so you and your corset are both happy.

To summarise: consider your new corset as a new pair of shoes. Gradually wear it in and get yourself used to it. Remember, a new corset is stiff and you have to train your body to it, before you genuinely enjoy wearing it.



Apart from lacing, every corset has a lock ( zipper or busk ). Every lock has it's own special features.

-   Zipper lock is the most convenient. However, you should remember that a zipper lock consists of many links. Breaking one link will break the whole zipper. Therefore, you should take great care when using the zipper lock. Try not to use the zipper lock when lace is closed. If you decided not to unlace, take extra care and get someone to help you. Some good advice: zip and unzip your corset at full exhalation (breath out). But we strongly recommend to follow instructions that come with your corset. The general rule is to loosen the lacing before zipping and unzipping to take the load off the lock. If you follow these simple rules, your zipper lock will serve you for a long time.

Looking after your corset?

We recommend dry cleaning only. But if you want to take risks and wash it, then do so in lukewarm water and only by hand. Choose soft detergents right for the fabric. If you are not sure, take your corset to professional dry cleaners.


There are several types of lacing: back laces, front laces or side laces. What's the difference?

Back Lacing. This type of corset is more convenient for you to lock, because the lock is in the front, but less convenient to tight lace, especially, if you are a new corset user. However, it's a temporary inconvenience. Every woman can easily put on a bra, similarly, with a corset you will get used to it.

Front Lacing. The most convenient type of corset to lace up yourself. But there is a disadvantage: if you suddenly want to loosen front laces ( e.g. after a meal) you are going to expose yourself. If you do not want to open your body in front of other people you should avoid loose front lacing.

Side Lacing.  Side laces give you more convenience and flexibility in self-lacing. However, this type of corset loses to Back and Front types in terms of presenting your curves and waist in the most appealing way. Back and Front types are better for correction of your waist to achieve the hourglass look.

Conclusion: If you want really tight lacing, it is a good idea to ask someone for help. If you prefer wearing your corset using mild to medium tightness of lacing, then you will be OK to put the corset on yourself ( after some practice, of course).

How to move in a corset and not to look like a robot


A corset, like, for example, an expensive stiletto shoe, is a fine elegant thing. And it will always remain in fashion and catch an eye. But, if you cannot walk in stiletto shoes or wear your corset gracefully, then you face the risk of looking somewhat awkward.

Our great grand mothers looked very elegant in their corsets. Apparently, corsets were something natural to them being an essential part of their routine. And that is what made them look great they remained natural in their corsets. To look and feel natural takes some practice. Start your training at home, and only when you feel absolutely free you can wear your corset out to receptions, parties etc. Several days spent at home working in front of a mirror on some graceful walks, turns, bows, squats, sit downs and stand ups etc. will pay back. And admiring glances at you will be your honestly earned reward. A corset can correct your body, but it cannot magically make you move and look stunning. It's only a tool to help you look beautiful, but the real key to your beauty is you. If you love your corset and spend some time with it in private, it will pay you back. It will support you, protect you and present you at your best.

Remember Beauty requires sacrifice. But not always... if you act thoughtfully, you can turn anything into pleasure. Even your initial training in a corset. Do not torture yourself, take your time, enjoy!


What to wear with your corset?



Main task of any corset to correct your look and to make you become more visually appealing. There is no definite answer to what to wear my corset with. You can wear it with anything, no limits. It will look great with a skirt or shorts. Pants or jeans also go well with corsets. You can wear it with a blouse, you can put it on your naked body or wear something beneath it. You can wear it under a jacket, with scarves and other garments. Best combination is the one that makes you look best. We encourage you to experiment and wear your corset both as a part of casual and formal outfit. Ask your friends what they think mixes well with your corset and use your imagination.




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